How Landlords Can Connect with Millennial Renters

In a survey done by, 28 percent of respondents used mobile sites or apps during their apartment search. An even greater number of millennial renters wanted an online medium to connect and communicate with their landlords. 

Those numbers will continue to rise so be prepared!

Online communication skills are essential for landlords hoping to reach this generation of millennial renters. Gone are the days when print advertising would suffice as the sole source of marketing. Gone are the days when phone calls and paper checks were the norm.

Renters are using mobile devices to search, pay and maintain their apartments which makes having an online presence essential for landlords. Here are some tips to get started:

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7 Ways to Make Your Landlord Appreciate You

Happy Landlord = Peaceful Living

Great tenants know landlords want to retain them. This means that when lease renewals come around, they are more likely to be able to negotiate favorable terms.

As a renter, by making an effort to get your landlord to appreciate you, you not only set yourself up to save money on the next lease but you also develop a peaceful and stress-free relationship with your landlord.

Here are 7 ways to make your landlord appreciate you:

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