Create Beautiful Rental Listings on Properly

All landlords, from time to time, will need to find tenants for their rental properties. This typically requires creating rental listings and advertising them across various outlets so that they reach the highest number of renters possible. Unfortunately, the existing process is frustrating. First, landlords have to worry about making the listing attractive so that it draws the attention of applicants. Second, they need to repetitively enter the same information to create the listing multiple times so that it appears across the major property websites such as Zillow, Craigslist, and others.

Properly has developed a new listing tool that helps landlords create rental listings and advertise it in a matter of minutes. Here’s how it works.

Create a Listing

Properly makes creating a rental listing simple and quick. Landlords can select from a list of options, write descriptions, and upload photos of the property. The information covers all the important qualities of a property:

  • Address and Contact Info
  • Basics – bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, etc.
  • Details – list of amenities available
  • Photos & Video Tour
  • Lease Terms – rent, security deposit, date available, utilities included, etc.
  • Description – attract applicants by describing what makes the rental stand out.
  • Screening Report – option to require a credit, background, and eviction report from applicants.

Create rental listing[Screenshot]

Create rental listing

Create rental listing

Landlords can preview the listing and when ready, activate it.

Market Your Rental

Once the listing is activated, Properly uses all the information provided to create a beautiful listing on its own dedicated webpage. Here is an example –

Rental listing

Rental listing

Rental listing

Rental listing

Properly’s listings are designed to make your property stand out with photo slides, images for amenities, and lease terms that are easy for applicants to read and understand.

Receive Applications Online

Interested renters can submit applications directly from your listing page. There is no need to wait. Stop using paper applications that require hand-delivering, faxing, scanning, or mailing.

Renters can also send you messages which will be delivered to your email inbox. You will be notified instantly each time you receive an application or message.

Submit online application

Automatically Post to Listing Sites

Landlords only have to create one listing on Properly and it will automatically post in real-time to the Zillow network which also includes HotPads and Trulia. We will continue to partner with additional listing services in the near future.

Find Your Ideal Tenant

Properly makes it easy for landlords to create a listing, share it across the web, receive applications, and screen tenants. By removing the hassles inherent in the traditional manual and paper-based methods, landlords can save time, generate more leads, and focus on qualifying applicants. Our goal is for every landlord on Properly to find their ideal tenant!



A Smarter Online Rental Application, Part II

Did you know that landlords who do not offer an online rental application option receive 50% less applicants than landlords who do?

online rental application

Dealing with paper applications is slow. On average, it takes an extra 3 days for the applicant to fill out and then hand deliver, fax, or mail an application to the landlord. Applicants are interested in multiple listings at the same time and since good tenants are also in high demand, landlords who have a slow application process miss out on them. The ease of an online application removes that barrier because renters can apply right away and landlords can review an application immediately after submission. It’s also an easy way for the landlord to screen applicants before even having to show the apartment.

In last week’s Part I, we described the benefits of Properly’s online rental application to renters. Now, let’s discuss the benefits to landlords.


1) Share your application link

When you add a property on Properly, you are provided with a unique application link specific to that property. Post this application link as part of your listing on Craigslist, Streeteasy, Zillow, etc. or share it on Facebook and Twitter. When applicants read your listing, they can apply immediately using the link.

2) More applicants 

By providing a convenient online option for renters to apply from the comforts of their homes and on mobile devices, you attract more applicants by significantly reducing the hassle and effort that paper applications require.

3) Only the important info 

Review only the stuff that matters – contact info, rental history, references, employment, financials, and credit/background to easily assess whether an applicant is qualified.

4) Works on any device 

Our applications can be reviewed on all computers, phones, and tablets, allowing you to make a timely decision.

5) Screening reports in real-time 

You can require applicants to submit credit, background, and eviction reports as part of their applications without needing to collect their social security numbers. Applicants pay for their own screening reports. Reports are 100% free for landlords to view.


Learn more at and view a sample application.